Why Trust Power Transitions?

Dr. Ann Meyerson and team have decades of experience helping families transition loved ones out of family homes and into alternative living situations that are healthy and supportive.

Transitioning out of a family home is a highly personal and emotional process. Significant roadblocks exist for many families, and it may make an extremely necessary move seem unattainable. Whether families are challenged by distance, decision paralysis, complex medical situations or other psychological factors- we have the resources to help.

A professional team with experience and a comprehensive plan becomes an essential part of achieving a healthy adjustment.

What is the Transition process?

1) Dr. Meyerson will provide Transition Counseling to assist seniors and their involved families to determine when is the right time to make the move. Through her affiliations with associates in Placement, Finance, Legal, Home Health & Care Management, a comprehensive Transition Plan can be developed.

2) When the decision is made to sell the property, the entire process is handled efficiently and professionally by Ann Meyerson utilizing her experienced resources. A step by step plan is implemented to make the preparation and sale process both stress-free and productive.

3) The plan will include determining the value of the clients’ home and involving all concerned parties in the process. Full marketing efforts will be available through the Multiple Listing Service, numerous real estate websites, advertising and professional photography to facilitate a successful sale.

4) When beneficial in Senior Transitions, our team is available to assist with the psychological issues of transition. Dr Meyerson utilizes strategies to handle hoarding issues, decision-making reluctance and unrealistic goals. Through counseling and support, she enables her clients to move forward with a positive experience.

Our team of trained and licensed professionals is qualified to handle both the physical and psychological components of the transition. 

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