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Ann Meyerson, PhD

Ann Meyerson has been a Transition Counselor and Realtor since 1985.
Dr. Meyerson received a MEd in Counseling from the University of Maryland and a PhD in Educational Leadership from Georgia State University.
Her professional affiliations are with The Keyes Company in SE Florida and William Raveis Realty in New England.  She is a designated SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist) and a blogger with the National Association of Realtors.
Dr. Ann is a popular speaker and author of articles on Senior Transitions, Hoarding and the Psychology of Change. She has appeared on Channel 12 News and presents training workshops for professionals and to public audiences.

Speaking Presentations

Dr. Ann Meyerson presents educational seminars and speaking engagements.

Hoarding is More Than a Reality TV Show

The truth about Hoarding and the emotional factors causing this condition are analyzed by a Transitional Counselor. From actual cases with photographs, the different kinds of hoarding will be presented and strategies for intervention will be offered.  The presentation will also include a checklist of pre-hoarding behavior that will assist in identifying the warning signs. Participants will be encouraged to address their concerns and experiences in this lively session.    

Psychology of Moving Forward

The Psychology of Change by Dr. Ann Meyerson,  will identify the steps involved in the decision to accept a new reality, new self and the importance of moving forward. The psychological and emotional factors experienced by seniors as they encounter life decisions will be explored.  The topic includes an in-depth look at the decision-making process, the pitfalls of deciding including denial, depression, family pressures, and health and financial considerations. Dr. Meyerson offers guidelines to make the process easier and coaches effective strategies for both seniors and their families.

Transition Workshop… The Times They Are A-Changing

This interactive presentation provides an opportunity to explore what it means to be working with seniors in transition during this difficult period.  


We will address the complex psychological and physical dynamics as well as identify the consequences of a move for elderly clients and their families. Our discussion includes strategies for making the right decision, managing the logistics of the move and ensuring the safety of all parties involved.


The presentation will include case studies of actual transitions involving the aid of caregivers. Guidelines related to transitions during the COVID-19 Pandemic will be made available to attendees.


Topics will include:  

  • Explaining the move to client

  • Combating oppositional behaviors

  • Identifying substance abuse

  • Discovering weaponry or other unsafe conditions

  • Coping with hoarding

Participants will have an opportunity to share their experiences and ask questions regarding the challenges that they are facing. Supportive discussions from attendees will be encouraged.

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Published Works

Dr. Ann Meyerson has been featured in several publications for her experience in assisting with hoarding and senior relocation.



Transition Workshop

Professional Development Brings Results

"Dr. Ann Meyerson often works with seniors in our area to help sell their properties and make sure they are safely situated. [She] recently coordinated an Alzheimer's workshop for the Realtors in my office...We had a tremendous turnout! Every single person who attended commented on the excellent information that was provided...I highly recommend Dr. Ann Meyerson as a Realtor as well as a specialist in the Alzheimer's community."


- Joan Richardson, District Sales Manager - The Keyes Company

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