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Sharing a New Perspective

As we continue to avoid air travel, interior dining and group socializing, you may be thinking, "Is there anything we can do to combat the epidemic anxiety and sadness?" While I do not profess to have any brilliant solutions, I do have an inspiring recommendation: Why not create a mini-adventure that will take your mind and body to another place? Feeling the need to escape both figuratively and literally, I started looking for a quick getaway that would take our minds off of the current reality. Both my husband and I are walkers and enjoy wildlife, so I proposed exploring a nature site. Having never truly embraced the magnificent Everglades in the area, I researched and planned an excursion to the Apoxee Trail in West Palm Beach. We didn’t know what to expect, but were enticed by the promise of gorgeous paths, scenic boardwalks, abundant birds, the possibility of tortugas, serpientes, and of course- GATORS.

On our initial forage, we were hindered by wetlands, heat, mosquitos and an insufficient amount of bottled H2O for the journey. Rather than being upset, we were challenged and realized that we needed to better prepare for next time. This was not a walk in the park but a true adventure. Preparation and additional ground work were needed. We are now organizing and stocking up on maps, wilderness gear and beef jerky. My partner even splurged on Amazon for a compass and new bowie knife. I’m researching the local tropical birds and have gathered my binoculars in anticipation. Our plan is to take an early morning excursion and attempt a partial exploration of the 16.6 miles hike/bike trail at the site. This ongoing adventure has truly taken us to another place (both physically and emotionally), and we are only just beginning. Located within a 50 mile drive, with no admittance fee, free parking and very helpful park rangers, we can now proceed safely. Between the advance preparation, gear and organization we have now filled our free time with a productive project. I am not advocating this activity for everyone; but, I am encouraging you to seek an adventure! Select an activity, a place or a new skill set that will be stimulating, new and hopefully fun. As we move through the pandemic and yearn for the better days, give yourself and loved ones a momentary escape. Staying calm, focused and embracing the present is a valuable tool as we look toward the future.

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