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Sprucing Up Your Connections for Autumn

After dealing with the aftermath of COVID, Hurricane Ian, and many other adversities we have faced over the past few years, it is essential to assess our goals and take a look at what we can do to encourage positivity. As a transition counselor, I focus on improving my interactions among my sphere of influence and embrace new experiences. Here is a "To-Do List" that can help with reviewing personal and business connections. While not all of these are relevant to each reader, my goal is to stimulate thinking and encourage optimism for the future.

1) Touch base with old contacts. Is there anyone who you haven’t communicated with in a while that might benefit from a re-connect? Review previous affiliations, memberships and past emails for updating. Delete outdated emails, texts and videos. This will improve your ability to focus on the relevant communications. You will be pleased with how many will return the outreach in kind.

2) Try to make at-least 3 new connections related to your social or business life. Respond to an inquiry or announcement with a personal touch. Initiate a follow-up email, a phone conversation or even better - set up an in-person meet and greet. Offering to serve on a committee, start a fundraising campaign or assisting with planning a social event can expand your sphere of influence. Linkedin, Facebook and Google Business are just some of the available resources.

3) Embrace networking technology. If you haven’t experienced a ZOOM meeting, appointment or participated in a Facetime call, do so now! There are many resources on line to offer instruction. If all else fails, reach out to your grandkids or a savvy millennial who will be glad to help!

I know that much of this advice may seem redundant. I do however, suspect that there may be one or two recommendations that may stimulate a successful change as we move forward in 2022.

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