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Finding Hope in Nature: A Sea Turtle Tale

In my last blog, I shared with you my optimistic energy for 2024, highlighting the positive impact of Kenny the Chihuahua on his owner's life. Unfortunately, the growing national and international discord has since dampened my spirits. As I interact with my sphere of influence-friends, family, and associates- I have noted anxiety regarding the future.

In response, I recommend the animal world, nature, and of course our pets, redirecting our mental and physical focus to a proactive and positive point of concentration. Personally, I've immersed myself in supporting a project dedicated to improving the environment for all inhabitants, particularly sea creatures. This endeavor led me to Gumbo Limbo, a Boca Raton-based wildlife organization in Southeast Florida whose mission is sea turtle conservation.

One noteworthy initiative is the Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Facility, founded in 1974 and permitted by the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission in Florida.

Gumbo Limbo assists with the monitoring of beach nests, turtle and sea creature safety as well as environmental issues. It is also home to a research facility for the Florida Atlantic University Department of Biological Science.

Concerned residents and visitors will soon be enjoying an exciting expansion of the nature center. A new 40-foot Observation Tower and an ADA-Compliant switchback ramp are being added at the Nature Center. This unique structure will welcome climbers, visitors of all ages, and those needing wheelchair access to enjoy the spectacular view from the top.

It was enlightening that while sharing this Sea Turtle story, I was operating with a different mindset. I was concentrating on learning more about these creatures, their survival stories and the involvement of dedicated humans. Sharing these stories energizes me and fosters a commitment to optimism in the face of global discord.

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