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The Search for the Right Independent Living Residence: Guidelines from a Senior's Perspective

Author Dorothy C. Herman & Dr. Ann Meyerson
Author Dorothy C. Herman & Dr. Ann Meyerson

Featuring a Valuable New Resource

I am both proud and honored to introduce a book recently published by a friend, Dorothy C. Herman entitled "Searching for your Best Independent Living Residence." This great resource dives into the many considerations needed during a transition to a senior lifestyle community.Dorothy and her husband recently moved to a Senior Community in Boca Raton. Fla. Her research and experiences during the transition were the impetus to authoring her current publication. The book, published by Amazon, is available for download or hardcopy. Check it out!

Searching For Your Best Independent Living Residence by Dorothy C. Herman Foreword by Dr. Ann Meyerson, SRES, Transition Counselor:

One of the most difficult challenges for aging seniors is exploring the available life style options. With increasing life term expectancies for this population, knowledge is critical to decipher the appropriate choices. Terms like ‘Aging in place’ 55+ Communities, Independent Living, Assisted Living, Life Care Communities, and Long-Term Care are all considerations. Depending on the specific circumstances of each individual some challenging issues need to be addressed and acted upon with a realistic implementation schedule. As a Transition Counselor and Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES), I assist seniors and their families to initiate the move process. Often the decision-making has many moving parts. While I currently reside in SE Florida, many scenarios include family members not living locally and include real estate throughout the US and beyond. The more understanding and knowledge shared about the various factors, the smoother the transition will be. This examination of both the physical as well as psychological factors is recommended. I encourage my clients to involve their families including the adult children, siblings, partners, friends, care givers, Realtors, medical professionals, legal and financial advisors. The realities of the transition will fall into place with the assistance of all concerned parties. The current guidance offered by Dorothy Herman is an excellent resource for all parties involved in making transition decisions for seniors. She presents a personal, non-commercial discussion of the alternatives. While I encourage all involved to review the numerous publications, having a more general overview can be helpful. Use this as a decision-making tool to assist you or your loved one with this important life decision.

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